single firing reductions

The lasts works with clay,

simples shapes likes bottles, and one sculptures like mother divina.Single fired with reduction atmosphere,..alkaline frits and copper oxide or mix of a lead and clay for vibrant and terrous effects on the sculpture.One firing reductions at Low fire,..the maximum temperature is up to 1000 grades celsius,..reduction is obtained at 715 when the kiln is off.

I have only electric kiln and usually when i do reductions i use something like a litthe bricks channel with holes comes from the bottom inside of the kiln to the top up to the air hole.This kind of technique keep me more secure about the volatile ash.

I like to share some shots…


one firing reductions
one firing reductions

Maschera tragica,..riflesso rame-copper reflex for a tragic mask

Dallo studio di antiche maschere del teatro greco alla modellazione a mano di un primo carattere, i calchi in gesso le repliche i rifacimenti,,ecco infine una delle mie maschere cotta in atmosfera riducente, ricchissima di riflesso rame e alla quale infine ho anche aggiunto del pelo animale per enfatizzarne il carattere.

From a first study of a greeks tragedy masks, to the first character modelling, the plaster molds, replicas and finally i’m glad to present one of the my mask, fired in a reduction atmosphere,surface is a complete copper reflex, and after at the end i have added the white goat fur.

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