who am i ¿


Marco Tarabella
viterbo, Lazio 01010

pottery wheel/maker teacher
Artist – cerveteri –
1997 to 2018

i’m graduate as master of arts and interior designer but from 1997 to 2018 my life is making
pottery, i have my own studio in the country side of latium (tuscania(vt)) i have a very good skill
in pottery wheel, glazing, painting, loading the kiln.

for any kind of question don’t esitate to contact me.

graduate as master of arts and interior designer in 1996 at the art school in civitavecchia(rm) in
the 1996/97 work as a volunteer in the Marco Tortarolo studio in Albisola Marina (sv) an ancient
ceramic city, apprending the pottery wheel rudiments and other basic techinique for the majolica
ceramic style. from 1997 to 2018 as a pottery maker, making things in majolica/terracotta and
with the ancient techinque of bucchero etrusco, partecipating every week in street arts market
and shows near rome.
diploma in arts
istituto statale d’arte – civitavecchia
August 1991 to May 1996