Table lamp RED COPPER REFLEX fretwork hand carved and wood ferula insert

This is one of a my preferite works with clay,
i made the lantern shape on pottery wheel with tuscany clay,
after a first mild drying i cut out with free hand all decorations,..drying at the air and then firing at 950° centigrade.
After i apply the glaze with airbrush and refiring in reduction atmosphere
In this lamp the glaze is an amazing red copper reflexed.
I like to play with nature and usually i put in the lamp some natural plants like this (ferula-the plant of prometheus)
fixed with hemp wire
When your room is in a darkness condition you can watch a beautiful games of light and shadows.
For customers non Eu union please check your nation electric system
if you have 110V you need a simple converter for European electric system like the Simran SMF-100 Universal 100W
All light hardware is certified secure 220volt-the bulb is 3 watt consumption led (40watt).

30cm height

Super secure packaging for my ceramics, dont’t fear!

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